Sayamacha is a tea mainly produced in Saitama prefecture in Japan. Especially Sayama area including Sayama city, Iruma city and Tokorozawa city produces the most amount of tea in Saitama.  It’s been about 700 years since the tea cultivation started in Saitama. The area is very cold for tea cultivation (Sayama is considered as the northern limit of business tea farming in Japan), the leaves grow slowly and become thick. Sayamacha, the tea made from the thick leaves has a rich and robust flavor.

Sayamacha’s specialty is not only its flavor. Not like other tea producing areas in Japan, most of the tea farmers in Sayama are small-sized, family-operated, and do everything from cultivation to retail, just like wineries. So you can explore your own favorite Sayamacha as each farm has its own style and taste.  Also, you can stop by your favorite tea farmers when you come to Tokyo – it takes only about one hour to get to Sayama from Tokyo area!